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The RSR Tg IRMA is used for
reliable and quantitative determination of human
thyroglobulin in serum. Tg is the precursor of thyroid
hormones and therefore specific to the thyroid and thyroid
derived tissue. Because of this, Tg determinations are
important in the post-operative monitoring of
differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients. Following total
thyroidectomy and successful radioiodine treatment, Tg
levels should fall to zero in patients who are free from
metastases and tumour. A small quantity of Tg is
continuously released into the serum of healthy
individuals. However, in various non-malignant thyroid
disorders, elevated levels are often observed, due to
destruction or hyperactivity of thyroid follicles. These
disorders include Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hyperthyroid
Graves’ disease and toxic nodular goitre.