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125I – Radioimmunoassay for the quantitative determination of Serotonin in serum, urine, and platelets.
For research use only (RUO) this kit can also be used for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and platelet-free
plasma (PFP). Please refer to appendix 1.
First, Serotonin is quantitatively acylated.
The assay procedure follows the basic principle of radioimmunoassay, involving competition between a
radioactive and a non-radioactive antigen for a fixed number of antibody binding sites. When the system
is in equilibrium, the antibody bound radioactivity is precipitated with a second antibody in the presence
of polyethylene glycol. After centrifugation and decantation of the supernatant the precipitate is counted
in a gamma counter. The amount of 125I-labelled antigen bound to the antibody is inversely proportional
to the analyte concentration of the sample. Quantification of unknown samples is achieved by comparing
their activity with a reference curve prepared with known standards.